1. Soma Saloli
  2. Namibian Tales
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
  3. Baturay Yarkin
    Istanbul, Turkey
  4. Mehmet Polat
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
  5. Samira's Blues
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
  6. Dr. Jordan Institute
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
  7. Arifa
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
  8. Patagonia Records
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
  9. Ombra
    Barcelona, Spain
    Rotterdam, Netherlands
  11. Barbaros Bozkir
    Haarlem, Netherlands
  12. Musa Mboob
    Brighton, UK
  13. Wakki
    Delft, Netherlands


AudioMaze Netherlands

Found in 2004 in Amsterdam, Audiomaze has a long history in booking and event services, with the distribution service, Audiomaze brings a selection of music by independent artists, influenced by Funk, Jazz, Afrobeat and electronic music from all over the globe. ... more

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